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The Lads at the 365Fortress Of Poditude bring you a fortnightly run down of the News and Reviews of anything Movie TV and Game related... You can expect to hear there Meaningless Top 5's, They Rate Review and occasionaly Re-cut some of your beloved movies. All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore, Your Vocal Heroes of Pissy Opinion.
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The Lads at the 365Fortress Of Poditude bring you a fortnightly rundown of News and Reviews of anything Movie, TV and Game related...

You can expect to hear there Meaningless Top 5's, They Rate and Review and occasionaly Re-Cut some of your beloved Movies. All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore...

Your Vocal Hereos of Pissy Opinion...

Dec 8, 2017

Kev and Chris are back in the booth after a short impromptu break and they are back to there awesome greatness with a chocka block episode full of Movies, Tv and much much more Entertainment Talk.

We are kick off the show with a super long intro and pimpage section which to be fair goes on way to long. We tell everyone that we can now be found on Spotify so its easier for you all to find us. Chris updates us on his short movie which is going well. Then we tell you about our Spin-Off show hitting your ears in 2018.

Then its News time. Singer is out of the Freddie Mercury Biopic, Tarantino has pitched a Star Trek story to JJ, Adam Sandler doesnt read reviews and Ridley Scott refuses to let Alien go.

What have We been Watching is up next and the lads give cheeky reviews of the Movies and the Shows they have watched since the last episode Including:

  • Undercover Hooligan (Starring Guest of the show Kris Johnson)
  • The Foriegner (Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan)
  • The Meyerowitz Story (Sandler, Hoffman and Emma Thompson)
  • Kingsman 2 The Golden Circle
  • Drone (Sean Bean)
  • Geo-Storm 
  • Peaky Blinders Update
  • Punisher
  • Future Man
  • Love, Lies and Records
  • Godless

Next up is Just the Pilot which was Sky 1s Sick Note starring Ron Weasley himself Rupert Grint and Nick Frost, Should you give this show a chance based off the pilot??

0%rs is back and the guys watched Christian Slater driven Stranded from 2013 from the director of the famed Battlefield Earth.

Top5 time and its Top5 of the last decade 2007 - 2017 and guest, friend of the show and all round awesome guy Tom Paton sent in his picks for the guys to play during there picks.


Intro and Pimpage                                           00.00 - 24.02

News                                                              24.02 - 53.07

What Have We Been Watching                        53.07 - 1.59.50

Just the Pilot                                              1.59.50 - 2.08.47

0%rs                                                         2.08.47 - 2.28.46

Top5 Of the Decade feat Tom Paton              2.28.46 - 3.33.00

  • Tom Paton Top5   3.05.17 - 3.15.36


Nov 21, 2017

We finally get to sit down and chat with Award winning kickass leading lady Tracey Birdsall to talk about her upcoming movie The Time War from Director Neil Johnson. The guys worked together on Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter (not what I called it). 

We talk about Tracey's action chops and all the awards she has been picking for Rogue Warrior.

Then its onto The Time War which will be coming in 2018 and we cant wait to see what the guys have cooked up in that lab... Time Travel, Nazis and Jesus Christ.

Check out some of these handy links:

We had an amazing time chatting with Tracey and we cant wait to see what they have created with The Time War and will keep you all posted.


Nov 20, 2017

We bring you an emergency episode for our review of Justice League and spoilers, its not overly positive...

where did this film go wrong?? was it Snyder?? Was it Whedon?? or was is the Studios??

we go in depth and cover it all.

Warning... Spoilers and Pissy rants abound...

Nov 13, 2017

We sit down with Director Nathan Von Minden to talk about his crowdfunding campaign for movie Angry Men.

The True Story behind the challenger rocket explosion that Nasa saw coming and still let the launch go ahead.

We get into Nathan and how he made the move from being an Rocket Scientist to Movie Director. 

We dive deep into the campaign and what the movie is going to be about aswell as a chance for you guys to find out how to get involved...

Nov 10, 2017

Thats right folks we are inching ever so closer to episode 100 but we still have so much more for your ears in the meantime.

A little bit of housekeeping first including a course you can join in all aspects of Film Making and an up coming spin off show we have been toying with may just be headed your way soon.

Then its the News and obviously we talk about the Spacey in the room as well as many more news stories that have hit our radar.

The Zero per center this week is Noel Clarkes 2014 Sci-Fi mind bender The Anomaly. Followed by Just the Pilot and The Deuce...

After that the lads discuss what the have been watching lately with some good and some terrible (Jeepers Creepers3 anyone). We discuss our feeling on Valerian, House of Screaming Death, Brigsby Bear and TV show Border Control.

We finish with our now world famous Top5 section chosen by Chris so he can get Clippy.

Nov 2, 2017

Its been a short while since we had indie film maker Dave Hastings on the show. He recently released his awesome trailer for upcoming project Sustain and his other movie House of the Screaming Death is doing gangbusters so it was time to get him back on for an update.

Dave is not alone however. He has brought a whole bunch of his crew and we have a fantastic chat about there movies and squeeze in some stranger things talk.

We even find time to get some 365Picks out of the guys...

Check out the links below for further info...

We hope you all check these titles out give the guys the support and we will be having them on again anytime they want to.

Oct 24, 2017

The lads are back in the booth to bring you there no nonsense Regular Schmegular episode and this week we cover all the usual sections, minus 1 because they hit a snag...

The Intro and Pimpage takes up about 15 minutes because Chris wants everyone to know that he filming his short this week "What you cant see" and I am his Clapper guy.

Then its News time where we address the Harvey Weinstein in the room, talk about the Justice League run time that has us both a bit worried and Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for a second season.

Just the Pilot is Netflix show Mindhunter and Chris has not done his homework.. Shoddy

What have we been watching is a veritable Smorgasboard of Movie, Tv and a Game makes an appearance as the lads talk... 

  • Atomic Blonde
  • Walking Dead S8 Premiere
  • Star Trek: Discovery
  • Brawl in Cell Block 99

To name a few...

No Zero Per-center this week due to both of us not being able to find the FIFA movie United Passions so we have swapped that out for Brit flick The Anomaly for the next Episode.

We wrap up with our Top5 movies we absolutely love but for whatever reason, rarely watch... With a round table of Poop Shoots.


Oct 17, 2017

Director Danny Eycott comes on Indie Talk to speak to us about his IndieGoGo campaign to fund his first full feature length Documentary about the birth and rise of the now popular Micropub.

First up we catch up on how we met Danny on the set of Tom Paton's movie Black Site and his role on the flick..

Then we get into the short movie Danny produced and has won a few awards at different festivals. Textual Relationship, We completely recommend this short its full as hell and 100% socially relevant.

Then its onto the campaign where we find out what the guys are making and some pretty interesting stories about Micropubs themselves. Then Danny and Chris try to talk Kev into opening a Micropub... Sounds like a plan to us.

If you fancy giving a few pennies to the campaign and helping the guys out then click the link and but them a digital pint!!!

Micropubs - The New Local IndieGoGo


Oct 9, 2017

Well guys we finally made the trip over America for the Cincinnati Comic Expo which was utterly utterly amazing and we spend 40 minutes of this episode re-capping our travels and experience. We Met Miriam Margolyes and Kel Mitchell while taking in some awesome Q&A panels. We end the Round-Up with our Top5 Expo moments.

Thank to the amazing folks at Cinci Comic Expo for having us over to the expo, it was one hell of an experience.

Next up we have Daniel Farrand on the show to talk about his new Kickstarter for the 4th Monkey Anthology a graphic novel about social awareness, check out the Kickstarter.

To the News we plod. Fast 9 is delayed, Justice League Trailer is amazing and V for Vendetta is coming to Channel 4.

Just the pilot for this week is Channel 4 hard hitting drama The State a show about Brit Lads and Lasses leaving for syria to join ISIS.

What have we been watching this week, Kev is on a bit of a horror kick for 31 days of horror. We both love the hell out of War For the Planet of the Apes and Kev was disgusted with the Emoji movie.

We round out the show with a Top5 dedicated to "The Cincinnati Llama Botherer" Scab Jeff and its Top5 Brit Flicks.


Sep 17, 2017

This time around Chris and Kev are Joined by two thirds of the History Of Bad Ideas Podcast and it goes completely off the rails. No need for show notes this time because its all over the place.

Due to Jeff only having a little time we start the cast with some banter about the upcoming Expo and move swiftly into our Top5 which this week we all did something different... Chris did Top5 bad US tv shows based off good UK shows, Jeff did Top5 bad US shows the Brits remade, Jason did Top5 UK wrestlers...

What we been watching consists of Orville the Tv Show. Movies like Baby Driver and Chris finally watched Power Rangers.

We squeeze in some Listener Questions from both sets of fans.

Ending the show with our regular News in which Chris lets us know exactly how he feels about peoples reaction to JJ taking over on the last Star Wars.

We have been wanting to get Jason and Jeff on the show for some time and now seemed the right time, before we fly across the world to meet the guys at cincinnati comic expo..

Sep 10, 2017

We finally have the chance to sit down on Skype and talk to Actor/ Director and Writer Marc Zammit about his big Passion Project Homeless Ashes which he is currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo...

We ease into this great interview with some talk of Marcs past projects like Tom Paton's Debut Pandorica and Lance Neilsen movie The Journey (both past guests of the show). The we swiftly move into Homeless Ashes which as you will hear is a massive passion project of Marcs and is a story we all need to see.

For more on Homless Ashes check out the Social Medias:

Homeless Ashes Facebook

Homeless Ashes Twitter

Give what you can over at IndieGoGo:

Homeless Ashes IndieGoGo

We even take the chance to add another 365Pick from Marcs suggestion.

Check out all of Marc Zammit's Social Media you cannot miss him and if you have some spare change please help this guy achieve his goal that little bit quicker.

Also check out IndieGoGo for the Hurricane Harvey Podcast Pack for a special one off awesome 365Episode that wont appear in our feed.

Sep 3, 2017

Thats right we are back for Episode 87 and its another Jam Packed episode.

we open with our world class Banter about Chris and his shitty week. Before moving over to our first segment Just the Pilot in which we review Tv Movie 7 days in hell (Thats right Tv Movie, Chris cheated shhhhh).

Then we hear the Big Ben Bongs and we bring you all the News of the last couple of weeks, including whats going on with the DCEU and much much much more.

We move on to What Have You Been Watching which this time brings reviews of Guardians Of the Galaxy 2, Netflix show Defenders and Netflix movie Death Note... Movies Wakefield, and Churchill. Tv shows Still Game and Glow.

Zero Percenters is the 2015 Adam Sandler Classic Ridiculous 6 and we discuss if we think it deserves 0%... Spoiler Alert "It Does".

This weeks Top5 is Movie and Tv theme tunes everyone had as ringtones. Kev even lets his Wife choose his Top5 for him

Aug 31, 2017

On our New Indie Talk we have the pleasure of talking to Mark Brown about his GoFundMe campaign for a movie he has been working on for many years, Mark of The Wolf.

A movie being made in the same ilk as American Werewolf in Paris using mostly Practical effects and telling horror the way its meant to be.

Check out Marks GoFundMe and help the guy achieve his dream...

Aug 23, 2017

That is right folks, we were lucky enough to be invited down to Kidderminster to spend the day on the set of a movie. Not just any movie either the movie was Black Site the third outing for Tom Paton the up and coming director of Pandorica and Redwood. He is bringing along the always awesome Mike Beckingham and his world class crew of George Burt behind the lens and Craig Hinde as his 1st AD.

We had an amazing day watching these guys who are taking there Indie Spirit to the next level with a ballsy as hell Cosmic Elder God Punchy Kicky movie.

While on set we had the privilige of talking to many members of the cast so we have awesome interviews for you from Tom Paton himself, the ass kicking Samantha Schnitzler and Pheobe Robinson-Galvin. Mike Beckingham making his 3rd appearance on the show (beat by Tom though). Eerie as hell Kris Johnson the amazing Angela Dixon.

Thank you to everyone on set for making our day so awesome we cant wait to see the end result of what looks to be a damn fine movie and hope to see all these guys again soon.

we hope you will join us in supporting the hell out of this cast an crew and Like, Follow Subscribe to every avenue of social media you can. lets get eyeballs on Black Site and #SupportIndieFilm

Aug 12, 2017

We are back with another jam packed episode in which we bring all our regular awesome sections that you have come to know and love.

We kick off with our General Banter, Kev won his first ever Retro Game challenge with classic NES game Bubble Bobble. The boys are looking forward to a trip to the set of Black Site and there upcoming international tour to Cincinatti.

Zero Percenters is 2016 movie Precious Cargo.

Next up is the News and Chris is bringing us all the Tv and Movie news that has peaked his interest. We follow up with our now famous Review section "What have we been watching". Including:

  • The Mummy
  • The Wall
  • Sharknado5
  • X-Files AudioBook
  • Dunkirk

 Next up its Top5 Comic Book to Film Adaptations...

We finish the show with Just the Pilot which this week is Donald Glover created show Atlanta...

We also take the time to give cheeky little hints to our Awesome Giveaway that is coming up next week. Look out for that on our Social Medias.

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