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May 6, 2016

Chris and Kev jump in the cave to review Captain America: Civil War and talk some wrestling. We are also joined by one of our previous guests, now in a Host type role. Gary Chudleigh the writer of Award winning comic book Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles is back.

We start with a short News round from Chris and Kev where we talk about Space Jam 2 and ask the question, How is BvS considered a flop???

Gary jumps on the episode to talk about when Plagued Trade Paper Back hits the shelf and if he would leave his directorial debut over creative differences. Gary said he would only come back if we could talk Comics (Done) Movies (He hangs in for Civil War Review) and Wrasslin so we cover that too with our Top3 Matches of all time and our Payback Review. Stick in for the post credits for a little chat about our technical gremlins.

It was great to have Gary back on-board and we will get him on again soon as possible. Listen out for us talking about a good mate of mine's new Bitesized comedy podcast CHAFF. We play promos for...

  • Snake Oil Comics Podcast
  • Epic Film Guys Podcast
  • History Of Bad Ideas Podcast
  • Jock And Nerd Podcast


Geeky Antics, Ross Marquand and Girlz Melon Intro                    00.00 - 01.10

News Round-Up (Space Jam2, Dredd Tv Show and more             01.10 - 35.10

Snake Oil Comics Podcast                                                        35.10 - 35.50

Gary Joins Us To Pimp His Work and Sticks Around                     35.50 - 39.56

Epic Film Guys Promo                                                              39.56 - 41.13

Payback Review and Top 3 Wrestling Matches Ever                    41.13 - 1.39.40

HOBI Promo                                                                         1.39.40 - 1.40.20

Captain America: Civil War Review (Slightly Spoilery)              1.40.20 -  2.22.25

Jock And Nerd Promo                                                            2.22.25 - 2.22.50

Closing Out The Show                                                            2.22.50 - 2.25.40

OUTRO (Stick Around for Post Credits Tech Gremlins)


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