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Two shows in one here at 365Flicks Podcast... Our Fortnightly show where we bring regular News and Tons of Reviews, numerous fun segments including our Top5s, Just the Pilot and 0%rs...

Every other week we bring an awesome interview/chat with independent filmmakers  and creators who want to share there passion with us and you.

Thats just our normal shows, we often bring special episodes when the mood takes us.

All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore...

Your Vocal Hereos of Pissy Opinion...

Oct 13, 2015

So after the boys went off book for the JFK episode with the fantastic host of The Dallas Action (Doug Campbell) and his esteemed researcher Martin Rigby. So we came back with a new Guest in the form of Paul Trotter a good friend of the show.

The format is back so with that comes the News Round-Up of all the stuff peaking our interest, we finish this up with a review of independent comic book Plagued from the talented Gary Chudleigh and Tanya Roberts (EnolianSlave) which was sent to us from the great guys at BHP comics.

Because Paul is our guest we let him choose the Top3 which was always going to be a Sopranos Top3 moments... Expect some C-Bombs people sorry...

We quickly brush over the fact Kev never done the bad movie Homework before we move onto the 365Cut of Skip Woods classic A Good Day to Die Hard...


INTRO NEWS AND PLAGUED REVIEW:                         00.00 - 43.18

HOBI PROMO (Love these Guys):                               43.18 - 44.00                     

TOP3 SOPRANOS:                                                     44.00 - 1.22.07

WICKED RADIO PROMO AND BAD MOVIE:                 1.22.07 - 1.27.00

JOCK AND NERD PROMO (Doppelcaster Loveage):      1.27.00 - 1.27.30

365CUT OF A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD:                     1.27.30 - 2.14.12


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