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The Lads at the 365Fortress Of Poditude bring you a fortnightly run down of the News and Reviews of anything Movie TV and Game related... You can expect to hear there Meaningless Top 5's, They Rate Review and occasionaly Re-cut some of your beloved movies. All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore, Your Vocal Heroes of Pissy Opinion.
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The Lads at the 365Fortress Of Poditude bring you a fortnightly rundown of News and Reviews of anything Movie, TV and Game related...

You can expect to hear there Meaningless Top 5's, They Rate and Review and occasionaly Re-Cut some of your beloved Movies. All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore...

Your Vocal Hereos of Pissy Opinion...

Mar 26, 2017

We are back and this time it aint no Indie Talk, we are back with our hot shit takes on everything in the world of Film TV and what ever hits our radar.

We kick off with some General banter where we find Kev has finally moved in properly and discuss what it was Micheal Barrymore allegedly did.

The News id full of goodness this week including news of what Chris and Kev will be getting up to at SFW8.

What have we been watching is full of Black Mirror and Buffy watches, Kev hated Triple X3.

Top5 is an hour long section thanks to our many many poopshoots from our awesome listeners. this week its Top5 Tv show Finales.

We finish up with a Buffy retrospective to celebrate her 20th birthday.

Mar 17, 2017

This weeks Guest is Director/Actor/Writer/Producer and Stunt Man Keith Sutliff. Keith is the director of soon to be released The Mason Brothers. Kev reviewed this flick over at the website and thoroughly enjoyed the movie so decided to reach ou to Keith and get him on the show to talk about his movie from from conception to completion.

The guys discuss the movie, the struggles of independent cinema and much more. 

Keith was even good enough to give us another movie for our 365Picks list.

A Must Listen...

No Timeline needed its an awesome Interview episode. We do manage to squeeze in some Sci Fi Weekender Pimpage though.

The Mason Brothers makes itself theatrical debut April the 11th at the Egyptian in LA.

Mar 13, 2017

The 365Lads are back for another dose of there usual awesome goodness. We start with our now famous General Banter before we move into our News.

News is full on choc a block with our awesome News about 365Flicks attending SFW8 at the end of the month which we could not be more excited about. Chris is surprised to have realized that we have become a weekly show. Other News talking points is the Oscars being great and Fastlane being terrible.

Our world class Quickie Reviews is next. Reviews this week include a rant about cinema going kids and these great movies and Tv shows...

  • The Great Wall (White washing the china)
  • Logan (Jackmans last hurrah)
  • Man Down (Shia is awesome)
  • Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (Our buddy Eoin)

And Many Many More...

We round out the show with our Top5 Annoying Tv show characters in which we get to vent our rage...

Stick around during the credits for our Marvel style post credits section.


Girlz Melon 365Intro and General Banter                         00.00 - 08.40

News Round-up                                                             08.40 - 1.00.40

History of Bad Ideas Podcast Promo                               1.00.40 - 1.01.05

What Have We Been Watching Quickie Reviews               1.01.05 - 1.50.30

Astro Radio Z Podcast Promo                                        1.50.30 - 1.51.40

Top5 Annoying Tv Show Characters                                1.51.40 - 2.31.02


Mar 2, 2017

This week on Indie Talk we are joined by Independent Film Maker Coz Greenop, Coz is on the show to tell us about his great upcoming movie Dark Beacon and his last film Wandering Rose aka Demon Baby.

We also get into his path to becoming a film maker and the struggles people face when trying to get there movie up and running. Coz gave us some really interesting feedback on his career so far and is definite not to be missed episode...

Coz Greenop Links:

Its an Indie Talk you dont need a Timeline its all Interview-y Goodness...

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Network Pimpage:



Feb 23, 2017

This weeks Episode is our regular fortnightly dose of Movie/ TV/ Games and all other good stuff we know you love. We start with our usual general banter. Then the Big Ben Bongs take us into the News, including Award night Politics and a rant about DC internet trolls...

From there we take you into our Quickie Reviews section including our night out at an honest to goodness Play, One Big Lie...

Reviewed in this Episode:

  • Moana                                (Kev kinda Loved this)
  • Bleed For This                     (Chris Trusted Kevs Critique)
  • Assassins Creed                  (Kev thinks Dont Waste your Time)
  • Lego Batman Movie             (Kev was not happy with This Flick)
  • Hacksaw Ridge                   (Chris Predicts many Oscars)
  • Gold                                   (Kev was Pleasently Surprised)
  • Legion                                 (Chris thinks Kev should give it more time)
  • Leathal Weapon                   (Kev is dropping this after the Pilot)
  • Gotham S3                         (Kev loving this)
  • Walking Dead                      (We may be Dropping this completely)
  • Uncharted Game                 (Chris Dreams of Nathan Drake)
  • One Big Lie (Play)                (A Live Action Movie)

We finish up the show with our Top5 which this week is in honor of the Lead Performance put in By Racheal Cox in One Big Lie and we talk Top5 Brit Actresses.


Girlz Melon 365Flicks Intro and General Banter                 00.00 - 07.00

News Round-Up                                                             07.00 - 39.30

Astro Radio Z Podcast Promo                                          39.30 - 40.29

What Have We Been Watching                                        40.29 - 1.15.50

One Big Lie Promo and Review (Sort Of)                      1.15.50 - 1.30.05 

History of Bad Ideas Podcast Promo                            1.30.05 - 1.30.48

Top5 Brit Actresses                                                    1.30.48 - 1.56.22



Feb 17, 2017
#63 Indie Talk... Director Tom Paton. We Talk Pandorica, Redwood and Independent Film

On this Episode of Indie Talk Kevin is super excited to finally sit down and talk to Independent Film Maker Tom Paton. After a series of chats following Kevs review of Pandorica Tom finally gave in and came on the show.

We talk the ins and outs of Pandorica and the complexities of making a 70k movie look like a multi million dollar movie. We touch upon Toms production company the Film Label and how applying the record label format to Indie Film can yeild positive results.

We round out the chat with Tom telling us about future projects including new movie Redwood starring Nicholas Brendon and Mike Beckingham (Previous Guest on the show).

Toms Links:

No Timeline People all Interviewy Goodness...


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Feb 10, 2017
#62 Trumps 'Merica... Split Review, News, Quickie Reviews, Top5 Movie Deaths, Kevin James Review

The lads are together at site B to bring you there regular round of Meaningless Movie nonsense. They have a lot to get to since Kev has been to NYC, so they dive right in. 

We begin with our standard general banter, mostly about his recent trip to NYC with his missus where he had a brush with a celeb. Following that is followed by the News Round-Up in which Kev informs Chris of the Death of 3D Tvs as we know it.

What Have we Been watching then. In which we talk all the movies and Tv we have been giving a go over the last two weeks. Including 24: Legacy, The Shallows, Split and Vikings to name a few.

Kev reviews Kevin James classic True Memoirs of an International Assassin as his forfeit for losing the Royal Rumble predictions but how will Chris react to the review.

Top5 Movie Deaths is how we round out the show with a good number of Poop Shoots this episode.


Girlz Melon 365Intro and General Banter                               00.00 - 14.15

News                                                                                 14.15 - 38.10

Promo For Mark Bogners Quasar                                          38.10 - 40.10

What Have we Been Watching                                              40.10 - 1.31.28

  • Designated Survivor      (Kev)
  • 24: Legacy                   (Kev)
  • Six                              (Kev)
  • Black Books                (Chris)
  • Scot Squad                  (Chris)
  • Vikings                      (Chris)
  • Gotham                      (Kev)

(Click Our Links for Our Amazon Affiliate Page Costs You Wonderful People No                 Extra at all but We Get a Tenth Of a Pence to Help The Show)

History Of Bad Idea Promo                                               1.31.28 - 1.32.10

Kevin James Classic Review of True Memoirs                      1.32.10 - 1.52.08

Astro Radio Z Podcast Promo                                            1.52.08 - 1.53.10

Top5 Movie Deaths                                                           1.53.10 - 2.20.52


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We are going through another Great bump in Listens so we just wanted to thank everyone OLD and NEW for listening and downloading. Next Week its and awesome Indie Talk with Director, Writer and Producer Tom Paton...


Feb 3, 2017
#61 Indie Talk... The Shepard Graphic Novel... Creators Andrea and Roberto Molinari

For this edition of Indie Talk we are joined by the insanely talented Father and Son duo of Andrea and Roberto Molinari to talk about there labor of love Graphic Novel that is The Shepard.

We at 365Flicks love this book and want you all to give it a go...

All the Useful links:


We are sure this is not the last we have heard from Ndrea and Roberto so keep your ears open for further Shepard tales.

Jan 27, 2017
#60 Kev Has Beef With La La Land?? Top5 Cancelled Tv Shows!! News & Reviews...

The guys at 365 HQ are back in the studio to talk all things Movie, Tv and just generally Geek Related.

We kick off with our usual General Banter and Pimpage before moving into our News of the Week... Including Terminator 6, Neil Bloomkamps Alien 5, All Girl Remakes and Kev Gushes over Power Rangers 2nd Trailer.

We finish up the news with the Oscar Nominations and who we hope will take the Gongs. Next up is the Quickie Review section in which Kev talks about...

And Chris Reviews...

Then it Top 5 time and this week its Top5 Tv Shows we feel were cancelled too early. We finish the show with our Royal Rumble talk.


Girlz Melon 365 Intro and General Pimpage                        00.00 - 10.25

News, Rounded off with Oscar Noms                                  10.25 - 53.45

Epic Film Guys Podcast Promo                                           53.45 - 55.05

Quickie Reviews                                                             55.05 - 1.37.30

History of Bad Ideas Podcast Promo                                1.37.30 - 1.38.10

Top5 Cancelled Tv Shows                                                1.38.10 - 2.14.50

Jock and Nerd Podcast Promo                                         2.14.50 - 2.15.18

Royal Rumble Talk and Predictions                                  2.15.18 - 2.24.30




Jan 19, 2017
#59 Indie Talk... Kingdom: Fall Of Illandrieal... Director Fred Arrowsmith talks Kingdom and IndieGoGo

On this episode of Indie Talk Chris and Kev talk to Director, Writer and Producer Fred Arrowsmith. Fred is here to talk to us about his movie Kingdom: Fall of Illandrieal and the IndieGoGo campaign he is running to get it made.

We cover it all from the conception to the Crowdfunding. Including the proof of concept trailer they made for the movie and the release of the Music Video for a song written by John Taylor.

Kingdom Links:

Find Us At:


  • Tangent Bound Network
  • We Be Geeks 
  • Wicked Radio Network
  • Nerdly
  • #PodernFamily

Remember to tell everyone about this show of ours.


Jan 12, 2017
365 #58 Pre-Emptive Top and Bottom 5s Of 2017, News Full Of Rants, Sequels Never Seen but we Nearly Did

2017 has started with a bang, Chris and Kev are back for the first episode of 2017 and Chris is off the drink so get ready for some ranty goodness.

We start with our regular News section in which it has been decided that the Razzies are Banished from the 365Flicks But Why???

We give our Pre-Emptive Top and Bottom 5 of 2017.

The end of the show topic is Sequels we will never see but nearly got made.


Girlz Melon 365Intro and General Banter                              00.00 - 10.45

News with an Epic Razzie Rant                                             10.45 - 46.35

History of Bad Ideas Promo                                                 46.35 - 47.17

What Have we been Watching/Playing/Doing                         47.17 - 1.21.30

Epic Film Guys Promo                                                       1.21.30 - 1.22.45

Pre-Emptive Top and Bottom 5s of 2017                             1.22.45 - 1.53.45

Jock and Nerd Promo                                                        1.53.45 - 1.54.20

Sequels You Will Never See but Nearly Did                          1.54.20 - 2.13.44



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Listeners we just passed another epic milestone with the show and want to thank each and everyone of you for listening to us drivel on each episode. Dont forget to RATE, REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE and just tell everyone about 365...

Jan 2, 2017
365 #57 New Year Celebrations with Podcast Friends... Top5 Movies of 2016.

Thats right Folks Chris and Myself decided to end the year with a recording of our 2016 round-up episode on New Years Eve. Booosh. But I decided to draft in some Podcast Friends and we ended the year with a bang.

My daughters Ruby and Scarlet join us to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Our good friend of the show and 1 time guest, 6 time host Haze joined us to talk News and a mini Talking Heads episode.

The Nerd Imran of Jock and Nerd joins us during our Top5s of 2016 with his input of some of our picks.

We reflect on our podcast accomplishments of 2016 when we are joined by Jim and Eric of Weird Science DC Comics Podcast and the show goes off the rails as we talk about everything from DC comics to Rogue One to the Monarchy.

Thank you to all our awesome guests for helping us see out our best year yet!!!


Girlz Melon 365Intro General Banter                                    00.00 - 08.10

Chris Haze Joins us for the News and Mini Talking Heads        08.10 - 28.05

Snake Oil Comics Promo                                                     28.05 - 28.50

Top5 of 2016                                                                      28.50 - 43.35

Imran of Jock and Nerd Podcast Joins for our #1s                 43.35 - 59.35

Astro Radio Z Promo                                                          59.35 - 1.00.0

Our Personal 2016 in Review as a Podcast                            1.00.0 - 1.16.32

Jim and Eric of Weird Science DC Comics Join Us                  1.16.32 - 2.03.15

History of Bad Ideas Promo                                                2.03.15 - 2.04.00

End Of the Episode crack to The Outro                                2.04.00 - 2.12.15


Dec 23, 2016
365 #56.5 Rogue One A Star Wars Story Review **Spoiler Free and Spoilery**... Rating Franchise to Date!!!

The lads went to see Rogue One and wanted to bring you all of our thoughts on what we saw happen.

The first 30 minutes of the show is SPOILER FREE, then we have a spoiler alert and really get in the Spoiler territory of the movie.

We end the show with our rundown of how we rate the franchise to date.


Dec 20, 2016
#56 365X-Massy Special 2016.. Top 5 Tv X-Mas Specials, Movies & Tv News, Geek Reviews

The guys are in the studio and very very very Merry to bring you there 2016 Christmas special which is an episode choc full of awesome goodness. Starting with there general Banter to kick off the show with Pod Pimpage. 

We swiftly move in to the Movie and TV news that has got our interest including the news of a Birds of Prey Movie coming soon. Woot Woot. After we cut our teeth on the News we jump in to our favorite section of the show in which we discuss the Movies, Tv Shows and Games we have been watching lately including...

  • The Shepard (Comic)

Hey did you guys know if you click some of these Links you will be taken to our Amazon Affiliate Page and should you make a purchase we get a Tenth of Pence Kickback, at no extra charge to yourself..

Chris impromptu challenges Kev for the 365Flicks title in a movie quiz...

We end our awesome Christmas Spectacular with our Top 5 of Tv christmas specials.


Girz Melon Intro and General Banter                                      00.00 - 14.58

News (Birds of Prey Movie Woop Woop)                                  14.58 - 46.00

HOBi Podcast Promo                                                             46.00 - 46.46

What Have You been Watching Geek Reviews                       46.46 - 1.49.00

Geeky Antics Network Promo                                            1.49.00 - 1.49.50

Chris challenges Kev to a Movie Quiz for the Belt                1.49.50 - 1.57.00

Jock and Nerd Podcast Promo                                           1.57.00 - 1.57.40

Top5 Tv Christmas Specials                                               1.57.40 - 2.35.30


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Dec 12, 2016
#55 Indie Talk... Iain Lowson Writer, Star Wars Content/ RPG Fantasy Novel Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein/ Video Games. Trailer Talk

The guys are Back with another Indie Talk episode in which we chat to a local writer from our home town... But first we hit you with our thoughts on the latest batch of trailers to drop including...

  • Baywatch
  • Mummy
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  • War of the Planet of The Apes
  • Spiderman Homecoming

From our Quick rundown of the trailers we move right into our interview with Iain Lowson who has written for just about every geeky publication you can think of. Star Wars Fan Magazines and Part-works, Star Trek, Farscape, Babylon 5 to name a few.

Iain has also worked on Video Games with many companies like Midway, Ubisoft, Relentless and Lucas films. Games like Vin Diesels Wheelman, Driver: San Francisco, Blue Toad Murder Files, Disney Infinity 3 and Champions of Anteria. Again to name a few.

We also get deep into his own Fantasy RPG Novel Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein which has been his passion project for about 15-20 years and it sounds interesting as hell.

Check Iain and his work out in all these fine Places:

We had an absolutely amazing conversation with Iain, he has done so much in his career that we couldn't cover everything but I am sure he will return to 365Flicks. 

Chat with Iain took place in Studio2 so the sound is not exactly up to 365 standards, but the PodCave is full of Xmas Prezzies. 


We Be Geeks and Girlz Melon 365Flicks Intro                00.00 - 01.20

General Banter and Rundown of Trailers                       01.20 - 30.25           

Chat with Iain Lowson                                                 30.25 - 2.02.20

Astro Radio Z Promo                                                 2.02.20 - 2.03.20

Quickie Review from Kev                                           2.03.20 - 2.08.15 


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Again we would like to say a quick Thank You to everyone who is sticking by us and listening to 365Flicks. We can see the numbers and appreciate every time someone hits that download. Don't forget to RATE, REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE to get the word out. 

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