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The Lads at the 365Fortress Of Poditude bring you a fortnightly run down of the News and Reviews of anything Movie TV and Game related... You can expect to hear there Meaningless Top 5's, They Rate Review and occasionaly Re-cut some of your beloved movies. All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore, Your Vocal Heroes of Pissy Opinion.
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The Lads at the 365Fortress Of Poditude bring you a fortnightly rundown of News and Reviews of anything Movie, TV and Game related...

You can expect to hear there Meaningless Top 5's, They Rate and Review and occasionaly Re-Cut some of your beloved Movies. All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore...

Your Vocal Hereos of Pissy Opinion...

Mar 24, 2016
365Flicks #34 Newcastle Film & Comic Con. Walking Dead Talking Heads S06E14, Top5 Arnie Flicks, Chris Reviews Turbo Kid

Well guys we have had a week since the last episode. you will have already listened to episode 33 and 33.5 with our awesome interview with Ross Marquand from the Walking Dead. Which was awesome then we went to the Newcastle Film and Comic Con for the weekend where we were able to score us some Press Passes and Hob Nob with the talent.

We kick off the episode with our own special News Round-Up as always with a pretty epic rant on what Kev thinks about Sean Parker and his Screening Room.

Then we bring you our rundown of the Showmasters Film and Comic Con with our great interviews with Harry Potter Star Devon Murray (Sheamus) and one of the hardest working Brit actors Ian McNiece (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dr Who). We end our round of chats with Vernon Well star of Mad Max 2 and everything else.

We bring you our usual Talking Heads of the Walking Dead S06E14 which we loved by the way.

To end the episode we bring you our Bingey TV shows Underbelly and The Thick of It which we are loving. Chris brings you his review of 2015 classic Turbo Kid which holds an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Huge thank you to Jill at Showmasters for helping us out and hooking us up. Thanks to Mary one of the great crew at Showmasters for looking after us. Thank you to Devon, Ian and Vernon for taking the time to speak to us.


Intro from Ross Marquand and Girlz Melon                             00.00 - 01.05

General Banter and News Round-Up                                      01.05 - 32.30

Astro Radio Z Promo                                                            32.30 - 33.40

Film and Comic Con with Interviews                                      33.40 - 1.18.20

  • Devon Murray                                                           38.30 - 43.20
  • Ian McNiece                                                             47.30 - 55.20
  • Vernon Wells                                                            1.02.10 - 1.15.30

Jock and Nerd Promo                                                           1.15.20 - 1.15.50

Talkings Heads Walking Dead S06E14                                    1.15.50 - 1.45.10

HOBI Promo                                                                        1.45.10 - 1.46.00

Top5 Arnie Movies                                                                1.46.00 - 2.05.10

Geeky Antics Network Promo                                                 2.05.10 - 2.05.30

Binge Worthy TV and Chris Reviews Turbo Kid                         2.05.30 - 2.39.50


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Mar 18, 2016
365Flicks #33.5 Ross Marquand Interview (Aaron from Walking Dead) Ahead of Newcastle Film and Comic Con

A quick Mini episode before we head to Newcastle Film and Comic Con this weekend to meet some great talent of the big and small screen. We started to attend these cons last year and were lucky enough to score some press passes.

This year we are looking forward to meeting some of our idols of the screen and March has kicked that off beautifully. Getting the opportunity to interview over the phone a star from our favorite TV show of the moment The Walking Dead. We talk all things like the North East Derby, Attending Conventions, Hopes for Aarons role in the future, Ross's many Impressions and more.

Thank you to Ross Marquand for putting aside some time to speak to the guys at 365Flicks HQ he was an absolute Gent. A huge thanks to Jill at Showmasters Film and Comic Con for helping make this happen.

Come join us and get yourself along to Showmasters Film and Comic Con in Newcastle at Metro Radio Arena this weekend of the 19th and 20th of March 2016.

Meet stars like Ricco Ross (Aliens) Devon Murray (Harry Potter) Claire Higgins (Hellraiser) Hattie Hayridge (Red Dwarf) Vernon Wells (Mad Max2) Hannah Waddingham (Game Of Thrones) and many many more.

Awesome Co-splay to be found also...



Interview with Ross Marquand, Aaron from the Walking Dead


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Mar 17, 2016
365Flicks #33 Interview with Ross Marquand (Aaron From WD) Talking Heads Walking Dead Companion S06E13 (Spoilers Duh)

So the lads at 365HQ jump back into the Blabs and bring along guest host Haze Red Mist for there now usual reaction review of the latest episode of the Walking Dead. S06E13 The Same Boat.

Also we bring a nice surprise for Haze and all of you the fair listener. We managed to grab an amazing interview with Walking Dead cast member Ross Marquand who plays Aaron. This interview was such a blast and awesome for Chris and myself.

Thank you to Jill from Showmasters Film and Comic Con for helping make this interview happen. We look forward to meeting and attending His Q&A's at the Newcastle event on the 19th and 20th of March 2016. Get yourself there!!!

If you don't want to hear the episode but do want the Interview i will be releasing the interview by itself.


Intro by Ross Marquand Himself                                                00.00 - 01.02

Review of S06E13 The Same Boat                                             01.02 - 53.20

HOBI Promo                                                                            53.20 - 54.02

Interview with Ross Marquand (Plays Aaron on Walking Dead)     54.02 - 1.18.05

Wrap up of our thoughts on the Episode                                  1.18.05 - 1.27.25


Massive thank you to Showmasters Film and Comic Con and of Course Ross Marquand for giving us his time ahead of meeting him this weekend, the 19th and 20th of March 2016 at Newcastle FCC.

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Thank You all for listening... I can see you are all listening to us and we appreciate it. don't forget to RATE, REVIEW, SUBSCRIBE and Spread The Word...

Mar 10, 2016
365Flicks #32 Talking Heads Epic. News Round-Up, Talking Heads S06E12, Top5 Wrestling Intros

Haze Red Mist is suffering from the Zombie Virus and confined to his bed so the 365Lads decided to Forego the usual Talking Heads episode to bring you a bumper main show but don't worry we still bring you our review of Season 6 Episode 12 of the Walking Dead.

We kick off with our usual brand of Movie and TV news that has peaked our interest in the recent weeks. Including the Marvel and DC news of the week...

We bring you a condensed version of the Talking Heads an Officially Unofficial companion to the Walking Dead (Spoilers) We loved this episode, thats 4 in a row.

We bring you a quick new ongoing section in which we recommend a show for each other to Binge watch, Chris is given his punishment movie.

Chris finally gets to do a wrestling devoted section in which we list our Top5 theme tunes past and present.


INTRO and General Chat before the News (We Be Geeks Promo)    00.00 - 10.05

News Round-Up                                                                          10.05 - 35.25

Jock And Nerd Promo                                                                  35.25 - 35.55

Talking Heads S06E12 Discussion                                                 35.55 - 1.24.25

Astro Radio Z Promo                                                                1.24.25 - 1.25.40

New Section TV Show Binge Watch                                            1.25.40 - 1.35.00

HOBI Promo                                                                            1.35.00 - 1.35.41

Top5 Wrestling Intros                                                               1.35.41 - 2.17.13


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Mar 2, 2016
365Flicks #31 Talking Heads The Officially Unofficial Walking Dead Companion S06E11 (Spoilers Duh)

Well guys Chris and Kev are joined again by there buddy Haze Red Mist to talk about the most talked about show you could talk about.. Yes  they are back to talk Walking Dead, Specifically episode 11 of season 6.

So they jump on Blab and bring there crack to the masses Live and suprisingly, they bloody enjoyed there 3rd episode in a row so sit down and have a listen to there thoughts...

Kev also gets to celebrate his 365Flicks title win thanks to Leo

Come join us on Blab or send us your thoughts.


We Be Geeks Promo and Intro from Girz Melon    00.00 - 01.44

Kev, Chris and Haze talk S06E11                        01.44 - 01.28.00    


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Feb 26, 2016
365Flicks #30 You Caught Us Monologuing. Deadpool Review, News Round, Top5 Monologues

Kev and Chris jump back in the studio to bring you some topics they have been dying to talk about for some time and finally found the time to do so...

We talk News Round-Up (Naturally) including what is becoming a common piece Kev has called Triple X news. Then we move on to our Top 5 Movie Monologues which means we finally get to talk about Ranty sumbitches (Caution Strong Language).

We round up the episode with our review of the new Marvel/Fox movie Deadpool starring the ever awesome Ryan Reynolds, complete with Spoilers and all.

Well we made it to 30 episodes guys, Thank you for all your support, we love to see that you guys are all listening and it means the world to us. Please take a minute to Rate Review and Subscribe on Itunes.


We Be Geeks Promo and Intro                                           00.00 - 01.35

General Banter and News                                                  01.35 - 39.35

HOBI Promo                                                                     39.35 - 40.20

Top5 Movie Monologues (Sweary bits here)                       40.20 - 1.30.05

Astro Radio Z Promo                                                    1.30.05 - 1.31.10

Deadpool Review and Look Ahead to Comic Movies         1.31.10 - 02.18.10


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Feb 23, 2016
365Flicks #29 Talking Heads The Officially Unofficial Walking Dead Companion S06E10 (Spoilers Duh)

The Boys are back with there second live episode on the Blab. We bring you again our Live almost instant reaction to the latest episode of the Walking Dead season 6 Episode 10  t he Next World... We jump straight in with our open honest and frank review of what we have just witnessed.

You can come join us on the Blab every Monday 22:30 and we will always open that 4th chair for anyone with an opinion...

You can also see this episode on the Youtube for more of an idea how the Blab Works...


Geeky Antics Network Promo and Intro to Episode         00.00 - 03.25

Kev, Chris and Haze talk S06E10                                  03.25 - 1.25.10


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Feb 17, 2016
365Flicks #28 Talking Heads The Officially Unofficial Walking Dead Companion S06E09 (Spoilers Duh)

So the Lads have been toying with the idea of doing a sort of Live Recording... With the Mid-Season premiere of Walking Dead season 6 having aired in the UK. Kev and Chris get there buddy Haze from the Gaming episode #27 to jump on and give there opinion on a show that has its up and its downs.

What did we think of the opening Episode well come find out.

You can come join us on Blab every, Monday night 22:30 Uk time and we will open that fourth chair for you to give your thoughts. See you there.

We will also be posting the episodes up on Youtube so look out for the 365Flicks videos on our Youtube channel.


We Be Geeks promo and Intro to #28                                       00.00 - 03.15

Kev, Chris and Haze talk through S06E09                                  03.15 - 1.14.30

Imran of Jock and Nerd Podcast Joins Us (Driving and Blabbin)   1.14.30 - 1.21.15

Wrap Up the Episode and Confirm Next Episode                         1.21.15 - 1.31.05


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Thanks Again To William Milne (GIRLZ MELON) for his awesome music...




Feb 6, 2016
365Flicks #27 Gets Gamey. First, Last and Best, News, HD1Jump Talks Live Stream, Top3 Worst Movies From Games

This time on the 365Flicks Podcast we introduce an old friend of Kevs. We are joined by Haze Red Mist (Chris Hayes) and because we are joined by Chris we decide to wax lyrical on Games that's right folks a Gamey Episode.

We start with a getting to know our guest host, with a new section called First, Last and Best where we talk about the First, Last and Best games we ever played.

Our typical brand of News Round-Up follows this with the odd rant. Then we are interrupted to bring you all a call to arms from the great people over at HD1Jump and the Weekly Jump Podcast. Peter Kendall joins us to talk about his awesome charity gaming stream.

We end the show with our Top3 Worst Movies based on Games and a little talk on Games we would love to see made into movies.

Thank You to guest host Chris Hayes and to Peter Kendall for joining us to talk about his stream.


Intro From Tom Burke, Dave Prowse and Ian Beattie               00.00 - 01.10

Introduce Our Guest Host and Play First, Last and Best            01.00- 50.52

Snake Oil Comics/ Astro Radio Z Podcast Promos                    50.52 - 52.39

News Round Up                                                                    52.39 - 1.19.40

Painful Games Played Slowly... Peter Kendal Joins Us            1.19.40 - 1.46.24

We Be Geeks Promo                                                           1.46.24 - 1.47.06

Top3 Worst Video Game Movies                                           1.47.06 - 2.35.00


Network Pimpage:

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 For More on the Live Stream For Charity from the guys over at HD1Jump check out these Links...

Thanks again to William Milne (GIRLZ MELON) for any and all of the fantastic music we play...


Jan 21, 2016
365+1Flicks #26 R.I.P Rickman Top3, Oscar Championship, Royal Rumble, Walking Dead

The Boys head back to the studio somewhat later than hoped after our hero Kev suffered and injury... But full of Meds and somewhat delirious he powers through to bring you a chat on the untimely demise of one of Britains greatest talents Mr Alan Rickman may he Rest In Peace. To honor the man we bring our Top 3s.

The guys then sprinkle some News all over the Episode where we get a Little bit Political after some Poopshoot's from the Twittersphere.

We Introduce our new section where we fight for the 365 Championship belt (Working Title). In a bid to win this we must make our Oscar Predictions.

Brigger has us talking about the Royal Rumble and we end the episode with some Walking Dead Pt 2 crack...

Listen after the credits to be clued into Kevins new favorite BatCast...


INTRO from G.A.N.G/ Musings Of A Geek and GIRLZ MELON         00.00 - 01.10

Banter and Alan Rickman Top 3 Tribute                                      01.10 - 25.45

HOBI Promo                                                                             25.45 - 26.30

News Round-Up... "CHRIS IS ON TWITTER"                                 26.30 - 49.05

Musical Interlude Into Championship                                           49.05 - 49.35

365Championship "Oscar Predictions" More Poopshots                 49.35 - 1.30.45

We Be Geeks/ Jock And Nerd Promos                                      1.30.45 - 1.32.00

Royal Rumble Talk                                                                 1.32.00 - 1.44.45

Astro Radio Z Promo                                                              1.44.45 - 1.45.50

Walking Dead Season 6 Pt 2 Pre Talk                                      1.45.50 - 2.12.35

OUTRO Post Credit Message

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Stick Around Guys 2016 Is Gonna Get Hectic...



Jan 6, 2016
365Flicks #25 New Year Round-Up, Top 5 of 2015, Look Ahead At 2016, Our Best Bits

Well Folks Happy New Beer... It is officially 2016 the year of the Geek and we are going to inherit this earth. Join us as we celebrate the future by talking about the Past with our Top 5's of 2015 with some very very honorable mentions and also some extremely Dis-Honorable ones (ooooooo).

But first we kick off with some General Banter and our News Round-Up in which Chris looses his cool over George Lucas and his unkind words about Disney (yes i broke out the Beeper).

Then Top 5 movies obviously which in hindsight could of been a 365Top 10. We talk our Best Tv Shows of the year and the Movies/Tv shows we look forward to **cough X-Files cough**

We finish off by quickly glancing over those we lost in 2015 then end the show on our Best Bits and a hint at what is to come... 

Enjoy Homies (Trying it out, Don't judge me)



General Banter and the News Round-Up                         00.00 - 35.30

A Quick word from G.A.N.G/ HOBI Promo                       35.30 - 36.40

Top 5 Movies of 2015                                                 36.40 - 1.14.10

Jock And Nerd Promo                                              1.14.10 - 1.14.45

Best Tv and A Look Ahead at 2016                            1.14.45 - 1.39.45

Snake Oil Comics Promo                                          1.39.45 - 1.40.35

Quick Look at Those We Lost and our Best Bits           1.40.35 - 1.55.35


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Promos Played:

  1. We Be Geeks
  2. Geeky Antics Network Global
  3. History Of Bad Ideas Podcast
  4. Jock And Nerd Podcast
  5. Snake Oil Comics Podcast

Thanks for sticking with us on this Ride and Please don't go Nowhere...

Dec 24, 2015
365Flicks Ep024 X-Mas Special... Star Wars Force Awakens (Spoiler Free) & Holiday Special/Top 5 Xmas Movies

This time on the 365Flicks Podcast Chris and Kev bring you there very very festive special. We start off with our usual brand of News that has got us excited or damn right irate.

We move onto our SPOILER FREE review of a small indie movie we sent to see at the cinema, you may have heard of it Star Wars The Force Awakens. We plan to re-visit this in January with a heavy spoiler review.

We bring you one of our meaningless Top5s of Christmas Movies a conversation that ends in a bit of an arguement...

We wrap the show with our first ever watch of Star Wars Holiday special... Holy Moly this was not a good watch and im still not sure what we thought of it.



News Round-Up                                                             00.00 - 45.20

We Be Geeks Promo/Girlz Melon Star Wars Intro              45.20 - 46.35

Star Wars The Force Awakens Review (SPOILER FREE)     46.35 - 1.20.10

History Of Bad Ideas/ Snake Oil Comics Promo              1.20.10 - 1.21.30

Top 5 Christmas Movies                                               1.21.30 - 1.57.35

Astro Radio Z Promo                                                   1.57.35 - 1.58.45

Star Wars Holiday Special Review                                 1.58.45 - 2.34.35


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  • (Our British Home)

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Dec 15, 2015
365Flicks Ep023 Oliver Stone/JFK Assassination/Dallas Action Pt2

We team up with Doug Campbell of The Dallas Action Podcast for part 2 of our in depth analysis of the Oliver Stone movie JFK and trying to figure out the facts from the lies.

We are also joined again by Martin Rigby the admin of the fantastic Facebook page JFK Uncensored. Where you can converse with like minded students of the narrative.

Thank you again to Doug and Martin for jumping on the skype again having this awesome chat so we could produce this awesome episode... 

Come back again for episode 24 which will be our Star Wars Force Awakens **Spoiler Free** episode and our Xmas special.


00.00 - END

We talk more on the Oliver Stone movie and try to figure out the fact from the lies...

For More Info Check out these links...


The Dallas Action Archive

JFK Uncensored (Facebook Page)

The Dallas Action (Facebook Page)

JFK Uncensored Website

And You Can Find Us...





Nov 27, 2015
365Flicks Ep022 365 Newcastle Film and Comic Con... Kate Dickie/Tom Burke/Ian Beattie/David Prowse...News/Top5 Tv Themes

In this bumper Episode of the 365FlicksPodcast the lads found themselves at Showmasters Film and Comic Con in the lovely city of Newcastle... Not only did we partake in the talks but we had the good fortune of snagging Press Passes, meaning that we were able to hob nob with the stars.

Listen in as we talk to Kate Dickie star of Game of Thrones and such movies as Prometheus and Filth. She played Aunt Lyssa in Game of Thrones and was such a lovely person to speak to (but dont mention the Moon Door). We also spoke to Tom Burke who plays Athos in BBC's Musketeers as well as starring in Ryan Goslings Only God Forgives...

Another Game of Thrones star who was gracious enough to give us his time was Merryn Trant himself Mr Ian Beattie "TOO OLD" he was such a great guy and was a pleasure meeting him (even bagged an exsclusive). You may be surprised to hear what David Prowse (The Real Darth Vader) had to say about his time on the Star Wars set...

We had a great time at the Con met some great people and hope you will enjoy this special episode which we round off with our typical News Round Up with Civil War trailer news and some wrestling talk. Then we end the show with a meaningless Top5 of TV themes tunes.



00.00 - 08.00 "Your Listening to" Thanks to William Milne for Theme Music

08.00 - 01.23.00 FCC Newcastle Talk

  • 13.00 - 17.45        Interview with Kate Dickie from Game of Thrones
  • 32.25 - 41.55         Interview with Tom Burke from The Musketeers
  • 51.00 - 01.02.20     Interview with Ian Beattie from Game of Thrones
  • 01.11.10 - 01.17.30 Interview with David Prowse The Real Darth Vader

01.23.00 - 01.24.05 Astro Radio Z Promo

01.24.05 - 01.59.50 News Round-Up (Civil War trailer, Star Wars, Wrestling)

01.59.50 - 02.00.30 HOBI Promo

02.00.30 - 03.32.00 Meaningless Top5 Tv theme tunes


Thank you to Showmasters Events for having us to Newcastle FCC and allowing us Press Passes to speak to these great people and a special thank you to Mary who was part of the crew and looked after us...



Nov 6, 2015
365Flicks Ep021 We Meet Plagued and BHP... Quickie News/Chat With Plagued And BHP/Top 3 Bad Ass WD

In a sort of Coming of Age episode the lads at 365FlicksPodcast have there first official Interview/Chat with an actual published writer of Comic Book Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles... A Comic book we managed to blag a review copy of at Glasgow Film and Comic Con. We reviewed the Book a couple episodes back and now Gary Chudleigh the writer joins us for a crack.

We are also joined by one of his Publishers from independent company BHP Comics, Sha Nazir. To give us a bit more of an insight into how a comic is made from Inception at the writers level to completion at the publishers level and beyond.

This was such a fun interview i feel we learned a lot from these guys and they even made Chris's day by agreeing to do a special Wrestling episode.

We end the episode with a Top3 of our most bad ass Walking Dead moments to date in true 365Fashion...


Previously on and INTRO                                                       00.00 - 02.00

Introduce Gary Chudleigh and News                                       02.00 - 19.50

(Chris has Given Up on Flash)

Introduction to Sha Nazir (BHP) and the Main Feature Chat       19.50 - 1.11.00

"Hurricanes in Space"

Promos for HOBI and Astro Radio Z                                      1.11.00 - 1.12.45

Top3 Bad Ass Walking Dead moments so far                         1.12.45 - 1.34.16

(Kev is Super Pissed at Talking Dead)



Click Here to Buy Plagued Issues 1-3 and other BHP Publications

Gary's Webpage

BHP Comics

BHP Facebook

Plagued: Miranda Chronicles Facebook

Network Pimpage:

  • Musings Of A Geek
  • Tangent Bound
  • Wicked Radio
  • Geeky Antics Network Global
  • (Our British Home)

Thank You to Showmasters Film and Comic Con for having us up to Glasgow affording us to meet these great dudes.





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