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All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore...

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Jul 18, 2016

Hey Gang we are back in the studio for #44 "The one before the baby Arrived" in this episode of the 365Flicks Podcast we bring you all of our goodness. Starting with the time honored traditional General Banter in which Chris decides he may have some beef with another Podcast!!! BUT WHO??

We bring you News that has caught our eyes over the last week or so followed by a couple of cheeky reviews for some TV shows and a couple movies we have been watching lately.

Our Top5 this episode is... Top5 movies based on real life stories (so No Passion of the Christ or Braveheart). We also had some great feedback for this Top5 including a surprise choice from our friend Anthony over at the Jock and Nerd Podcast.

We round out the show with Kev reviewing 3 and a half episodes of Dr Who. A show he has never really paid much attention to but because he adores all you fine listeners he tried something new. Find out his thoughts on the Episodes chosen by Chris.

I  urge you all to stick around for the Post credit talk in which Chris lets the world know how he feels about Pokemon Go (I have never laughed so hard while editing).


Intro From We Be Geeks and William Milne of Girlz Melon           00.00 - 01.15

General Banter (Chris has beef with another Podcast.. WHO?)    01.15 - 17.30

Wicked Radio Network Bumper Takes us to the News                17.30 - 45.50

Astro Radio Z Promo Leads into Quickie Reviews                      45.50 - 1.13.45

Epic Film Guys Promo brings us to Top5                                  1.13.45 - 1.57.00

Jock and Nerd Promo Takes us to Kev Reviewing Dr Who!!        1.57.00 - 2.31.00

Post Credit Talk... 20 Places not to play Pokemon Go...             2.31.00 - 2.40.10


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