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Jul 30, 2016

It was round about this time 2 years ago that Chris and I got together to record our first ever Podcast about SDCC and about 3 months later we would actually released that episode. Sooo it seemed fitting we would bring you our rundown of the 2016 event.

After our General Banter we get into all the DC and Marvel news that peaked our interest including the awesome awesome awesome trailers on show.

We move into the quickie review section where the lads talk about the movies they have been watching recently. Likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and The Killing Joke. We also bring a little surprise in the form of Kevin's kids Ruby and Scarlet bringing there reviews of Secret Life of Pets and TMNT2 which is awesome.

We round out the show with a Top5 of our favorite Kids TV show Intros from back in the day with some great feedback.


We Be Geeks, Girlz Melon 365 Intro & General Banter           00.00 - 13.50

Wicked Radio Network Leading Into SDCC 2016 Round-Up     13.50 - 01.06.40

Epic Film Guys Promo                                                        01.06.40 - 01.07.55

Quick Reviews Pt1 (Chris's Picks)                                       01.07.55 - 01.25.00

Scarlet and Ruby Bring There Reviews                                01.25.00 - 01.40.00

Quick Reviews Pt2, Killing Joke and TMNT2                          01.40.00 - 02.05.30

HOBI Promo                                                                     02.05.30 - 02.06.30

Top5 Intros For Shows We Watched As Kids                         02.06.30 - 02.46.05


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