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Two shows in one here at 365Flicks Podcast... Our Fortnightly show where we bring regular News and Tons of Reviews, numerous fun segments including our Top5s, Just the Pilot and 0%rs...

Every other week we bring an awesome interview/chat with independent filmmakers  and creators who want to share there passion with us and you.

Thats just our normal shows, we often bring special episodes when the mood takes us.

All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore...

Your Vocal Hereos of Pissy Opinion...

Sep 13, 2016

The Guys are in the Studio to bring you Episode 48 on there second Birthday thats right folks 2 years in the can. So we bring you a choc full episode for the momentous occasion. Starting with our usual brand of Inane drivel and News Round-Up. Including the news of CM PUNKs UFC debut (HAHAHAHA).

We bring our quickie reviews of what we have been watching. Chris touches on David Brent and Wolf Creek. Kev has been watching Blood Father and Stranger Things.

We made our way to the local cinema to see Star Trek Beyond and Chris has a Bee in his Scotch Bonnet over this flick.

Top5 TV Monologues is the list for this show and Kev brings a couple of unexpected clips to the table. **Beware of Sweary Rants**

We wrap up the show with some Listener mail in which i believe a lot of our Podcast Pals were just messing about with us but it was awesome fun.


We Be Geeks and Girlz Melon Intro (Thanks Will Milne)         00.00 - 01.15

General Banter and News Round (News Starts 13.00)           01.15 - 39.05

History Of Bad Ideas Podcast Promo                                   39.05 - 39.50

Reviews Of Tv Shows and Movies                                        39.50 - 1.08.35

  • David Brent : Life On The Road (Chris Watched)
  • Blood Father                            (Kev Watched)
  • The Big Short                          (Chris Watched)
  • Strange Things Tv Show           (Kev Finally Watched)
  • Wolf Creek Tv Show                 (Both Guys Watching)
  • Conjuring 2                             (Kev Watched)

The Lads Review Star Trek Beyond                                     1.08.35 - 1.22.40

Astro Radio Z Podcast Promo                                             1.22.40 - 1.23.45

Top5 TV Monologues                                                          1.23.45 - 2.17.55

Epic Film Guys Podcast Promo                                            2.17.55 - 2.19.10

Recap of 2 Years So Far and Listener Questions                    2.19.10 - 3.13.30


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It has been an amazing 2 years so far and Chris and I have loved every moment we have brought you. We have so much left to talk about and so many ideas for the show moving forward so please stick with us and enjoy the Journey. Remember You need to RATE, REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE as it all helps the show in getting Noticed.

Thanks to everyone, we see the numbers and how many of you are out there with us in your ears and we appreciate every single one of you.