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Apr 19, 2016

So the lads have completely run out of ideas and decided it was time to bring you the dreaded FlashBack episode. Nah Kev has gone on holiday so before he went the boys got together to record a sort of look back at the last 16 months.

We start with the present and bring you some trailer talk for the latest trailers they wanted to speak about. Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange. 

What follows after that is the interviews the lads have been lucky enough to get since they started attending Comic Cons. interviews with Kate Dickie and Ian Beattie of Game Of Thrones. Dave Prowse (Real Darth Vader) Tom Burke from Musketeers. Ross Marquand from the Walking Dead and of course 80s icon Vernon Wells.

We finish up by dipping in the archive to bring you Chris's Bio Dome review from back in Episode 9.



Geeky Antics Network and Girz Melon Intro                             00.00 - 01.00

General Banter and Trailer Talk                                              01.00 - 37.00

Comic Con Interviews Pt1                                                      37.00 - 59.45

  1. Kate Dickie  (Game Of Thrones)
  2. Ian Beattie  (Game Of Thrones)
  3. Dave Prowse (Real Darth Vader)

Epic Film Guys and HOBI Promos                                          59.45 - 1.01.45

Banter and Future Stuff                                                      1.01.45 - 1.09.35

Comic Con Interviews Pt2                                                   1.09.35 - 1.57.15

  1. Ross Marquand (Walking Dead)
  2. Tom Burke     (BBCs Musketeers)
  3. Vernon Wells   (Mad Max 2, Weird Science)

Astro Radio Z Promo                                                         1.57.15 - 1.58.15

Banter and Planning Ep 38                                                 1.58.15 - 2.03.15

Chris Bio Dome Review from Ways Back                              2.03.15 - 2.18.45

Banter and a Thank You to Everyone                                  2.18.45 - 2.27.15


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