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Nov 6, 2015

In a sort of Coming of Age episode the lads at 365FlicksPodcast have there first official Interview/Chat with an actual published writer of Comic Book Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles... A Comic book we managed to blag a review copy of at Glasgow Film and Comic Con. We reviewed the Book a couple episodes back and now Gary Chudleigh the writer joins us for a crack.

We are also joined by one of his Publishers from independent company BHP Comics, Sha Nazir. To give us a bit more of an insight into how a comic is made from Inception at the writers level to completion at the publishers level and beyond.

This was such a fun interview i feel we learned a lot from these guys and they even made Chris's day by agreeing to do a special Wrestling episode.

We end the episode with a Top3 of our most bad ass Walking Dead moments to date in true 365Fashion...


Previously on and INTRO                                                       00.00 - 02.00

Introduce Gary Chudleigh and News                                       02.00 - 19.50

(Chris has Given Up on Flash)

Introduction to Sha Nazir (BHP) and the Main Feature Chat       19.50 - 1.11.00

"Hurricanes in Space"

Promos for HOBI and Astro Radio Z                                      1.11.00 - 1.12.45

Top3 Bad Ass Walking Dead moments so far                         1.12.45 - 1.34.16

(Kev is Super Pissed at Talking Dead)



Click Here to Buy Plagued Issues 1-3 and other BHP Publications

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Plagued: Miranda Chronicles Facebook

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Thank You to Showmasters Film and Comic Con for having us up to Glasgow affording us to meet these great dudes.