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Sep 10, 2017

We finally have the chance to sit down on Skype and talk to Actor/ Director and Writer Marc Zammit about his big Passion Project Homeless Ashes which he is currently crowdfunding on IndieGoGo...

We ease into this great interview with some talk of Marcs past projects like Tom Paton's Debut Pandorica and Lance Neilsen movie The Journey (both past guests of the show). The we swiftly move into Homeless Ashes which as you will hear is a massive passion project of Marcs and is a story we all need to see.

For more on Homless Ashes check out the Social Medias:

Homeless Ashes Facebook

Homeless Ashes Twitter

Give what you can over at IndieGoGo:

Homeless Ashes IndieGoGo

We even take the chance to add another 365Pick from Marcs suggestion.

Check out all of Marc Zammit's Social Media you cannot miss him and if you have some spare change please help this guy achieve his goal that little bit quicker.

Also check out IndieGoGo for the Hurricane Harvey Podcast Pack for a special one off awesome 365Episode that wont appear in our feed.