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Two shows in one here at 365Flicks Podcast... Our Fortnightly show where we bring regular News and Tons of Reviews, numerous fun segments including our Top5s, Just the Pilot and 0%rs...

Every other week we bring an awesome interview/chat with independent filmmakers  and creators who want to share there passion with us and you.

Thats just our normal shows, we often bring special episodes when the mood takes us.

All of this from a Pissy Ex Video Store Clerk and a Scottish Whedon Whore...

Your Vocal Hereos of Pissy Opinion...

Jun 16, 2018

That's right folks 365 are back and its our world famous Regular Schmegular episode and its a beast of an episode. We kick off with our usual awesome Intro banter in which we pimp out some important IndieGoGo campaigns we want you all to get behind.

Ethel: A Short Film

Homeless Ashes

You Are My Sunshine

Our Song

Its News Time with everything that has caught our eye in the last couple weeks including the hatred towards Kellie Marie Tran and Comcast looking to torpedo Disney's 20th Century Deal. Then its onto Hurricane Toby with his Weather Report.

What have we been watching is an epic edition this week including movies like The Winchester, Death Wish, Journeys End and TV shows like Cobra Kai, 13 Reasons Why and Hand Maids Tale.

We have a bumper Top5 due to a ton of listener and guest feedback and the topic is Top5 Movies you would personally score Top Marks.

Rounding out the show is our Re-visited and this time we go all the way back to The Matrix. Then we end the show with our review of Netflix Tv show Power for Just the Pilot.


Intro and Banter                                           00.00 - 18.45

Newsround                                                   18.45 - 58.20

Hurricane Tobys Weather Report                     58.20 - 1.06.10

What Have we Been Watching                       1.06.10 - 1.59.45

13 Reason Why Spoiler Talk                          1.59.45 - 2.22.15

Sudio Promo                                               2.22.15 - 2.23.35

Top5 Movies you Would Give Full Marks         2.23.35 - 3.02.40

Podcast Promo                                            3.02.40 - 3.03.35

Revisited "The Matrix" Pilot "Power"              3.03.35 - 3.41.10