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Jun 17, 2016

The boys jump into Studio 1 with the guys from Damp Knight Comedy to talk about there Improv comedy shows. Ross, Oli and Dimples are 3 members of the 7 man comedy group and they come in to talk us through there Process.

We go in depth on the subject and they give us more of an insight into the inner workings of the show Chris and I went to see. The guys tell us about there influences from the best of British Comedy on offer. We also get a cheeky surprise in finding out Oli is one half of K&O, look for them on Youtube under Pro Wrestling Acoustic if your a fan of Wrasslin. 

We cant recommend these Guys enough, Fantastic Local Lads and we want you to get to know them as we did and you will be hearing more from them on the show.

Due to being away from the Podcave for recording the sound is not our usual standard but it is still a great chat to be listened to.

Find The Damp Knight Guys At:


WRN and Girlz Melon 365 Intro                                 00.00 - 00.50

365 In The Bank Announcement                               00.50 - 18.10

Damp Knight Chat PT1                                            18.10 - 1.05.30

HOBI and Snake Oil Comics Podcast Promos            1.05.30 - 1.07.00

Damp Knight Chat PT2                                           1.07.00 - 1.54.40


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