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Aug 25, 2016

Well this week we have a chockablock episode. We have left the comfort of the Podcave to go back to Studio 1 (Chris's Office) to Interview and chat to local Musciain and Recording Artist Andrew Valentine.

Andrew stops by to listen to our usual brand of trademarked News that has spiked our interest and he shares his views on the subjects as he is also a bit of a Film Comic Geek. He gives us his cheeky thoughts on Suicide Squad before we move onto Pimping his work.

We were lucky enough to get a couple of his tracks to play on the Episode leading in and out of the chat we had about his work so far and where his goals will take him. You can buy these tracks on iTunes 

Andrew then hangs around to help us with our Top5 Movie Soundtracks before he leaves us to talk about our weekend at Glasgow Comic Con. Thank you to Jill and Showmasters once again for hooking us up with Press Passes. We used them to great affect and had an awesome crack with Scottish Wrestler Grado.

We end the episode with Chris explaining what happened at Summerslam when he put the 365Title on the line.


Grado Introduces Us & Girlz Melon intro                               00.00 - 01.00

Banter, News and Cheeky Reviews                                      01.00 - 44.30

Castles Track by Andrew Valentine                                      44.30 - 46.05

Chat with Local Musician Andrew Valentine                          46.05 - 1.07.05

Weights Track by Andrew Valentine                                  1.07.05 - 1.08.50 

Top5 Movie Soundtracks                                                 1.08.50 - 1.32.20 

Snake Oil Comics and We Be Geeks Promos                     1.32.20 - 1.33.45

Glasgow Comic Con Talk and Grado Interview                  1.33.45 - 1.54.45

Jock and Nerd Promo                                                     1.54.45 - 1.55.15

SummerSlam Outcome                                                  1.55.15 - 2.07.00


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